The author.

My name is Abigail Houston, but you can call me Abbey! I am currently a junior in college pursuing a degree in Strategic Communications. You may find me up in the mountains of western North Carolina. My heart longs to find beauty and adventure even among the smallest if things.I have many dreams and ideas... I guess that may make me a dreamer, but I am also a goal setter. One of my dreams is to visit all the national parks to see God's art work on display. Another is to own my own business one day, to put my passions into action. The future is something that excites me. Everyday is a new page to my story. While the future may bring reality to some of my dreams, filling the pages of my life with personal accomplishments I know that those things are not what makes my story beautiful or satisfying. I follow a God who writes heavenly stories that fill the soul more than any thing we have or do. All the wonder here on earth can never compare to the marvelous things above. I look forward to sharing a few pages of my story with you on on this journey.

The journal.

I have a passion for finding and creating beauty. Whether it be in seen in a night sky full of stars, through the lens of a camera, or in the strokes of ink upon once vacant lines. Starting a blog was always an idea that lingered in my mind. The thought of curating a collection of photos, words, and ideas was captivating. After many years of making blogs that were never posted, nights of brain buzzing ideas and a whole long process of finding the perfect name, here we are! I would like to welcome you to my journal. In the pages of this journal I want to share my journey to find beauty and create with you. As I document experiences and share creations I hope you may be inspired yourself to look for the beauty around you. Slow down and take in God's creation and delight in all He has provided.

Sincerely with love, 



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