Travel Diaries: Nashville


Staying all cooped up at home has me itching for adventure. It also has me looking back and feeling so thankful for the adventures of the past. A few weeks before COVID-19 took over, I was able to spend a weekend in Nashville with my family. We were celebrating my cousin’s birthday together for the first time in years.

I wanted to share some of the photos I was able to take over that weekend. In addition to the photos, I want to highlight some of the gems I stumbled upon. The city was artistic and full of creativity. Truly beautiful in its own way.

This trip was very exciting for me because Nashville has been a city I have driven right around yet never explored. I have heard about it for years and dreamed of walking through the music-filled streets for myself. Even though we only had 48 hours I was so ready to make the best of it, and we did just that!

We spent some of our time downtown around some of the classic sites but we were really looking to get to the neighborhood known as 12th avenue south. The streets were lined with vintage boutiques selling all kinds of iconic Nashville vintage wear, and quaint restaurant. Most of our day was spent browsing the shops.

I was so excited when we stumbled upon the most delightful little flower truck. Truly, the sweet-smelling flowers made it really feel like spring was here. We made sure to pick up a few for the birthday girl to have on her special day.

If you know anything about me you know I have a huge heart for small businesses. Especially creative ones! Every new city or town I venture to I always seek out new businesses to check out. I was in my own little heaven looking at all the unique food trucks, stores, and shops that seemed to go on for miles. Each full of their own story. Displaying their own kind of beauty.

One of the places we stopped in was a precious little coffee shop! It was called The Well Coffeehouse. I was really inspired by their mission. They have a motto saying "Where Coffee Changes Lives" with is so suitable for this missional coffeehouse.

For every cup of coffee bought, you can contribute to the building of wells for communities in need of clean drinking water. So far they have built over 23 wells around the world. If you are ever in Nashville be sure to check them out and support the cause. Until then click here to visit their website and learn more about their purpose or to find other locations.

I had such a sweet time with family adventuring. It is my hope to go back one day and find some more special places. I know I saw only a tiny glimpse of what this city holds. Have you been to Nashville? If so, what was your favorite hidden gems? I would love to hear about your own experiences.

I am ready for adventures again but until then I am enjoying reflecting on adventures past. I often get caught up in dreaming about all the places I want to go to when we are able to travel again. It is so important for us to remain respectful of the social distancing guidelines put in place now. If we do then we will see the day that we can explore new cities once again.

Sincerely with love,





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