Why Call it A Journal?


As I enter into this adventure, I want to share some more of my purpose for starting this site. Many would call this a blog, but I want this to be more than that. If you have explored much of my site you may have noticed I have chosen to call it a journal. There are aspects of a journal that are different than a blog. It may be a little technical, but I feel it important to appropriately label it to convey my purpose accurately.

Journal: a record of experiences, ideas, or reflections kept regularly for private use.

According to the Webster dictionary, a journal is a place to keep a record of experiences, ideas, and reflections. This definition describes the personal and private aspect many journals have. While this journal is not private it is still a place to record the places I go, the ideas I have, and the things I think. There is much inspiration to be had from the concept of journaling.

For many years journaling was simply a pen and paper working together with the mind of the writer to fill blank pages with thought. A journal today is greatly more. A simple Pinterest search of the word "journaling" will open your eyes to a whole creative realm. You will find classic journals, bullet journals, travel journals, art journals, Bible journals and an abundance of other journaling projects.

Journals today have become more of a way for one to uniquely express their passions. Words, art, photos, design, and collectible memories all unite to form building blocks. Each creator has the ability to choose which of these allows them to express their passions sufficiently. You have the ability to choose modes that display your skills and interest. It is a beautiful thing. A journal is a visual representation of who you are at the level of your soul.

While the art of journaling has been

re-imagined and expanded in recent years the value of journaling has seemed to have decreased. It is no new concept, as we first see journaling appear over 2000 years ago in China. Evaluating the life of many significant historical figures will reveal many who produced journals. These historical journals give us an understanding of who they were and what they thought. It was a normalized and frequent activity that was integrated into the lives of those who were taught to read and to write. If journaling was such a foundational part of the lives of many through history. Do you not think it should be important to us today?

Truly, if we were honest the reason for the decrease in value, frequency, and consistency of journaling in our culture has been our increase in busyness and distraction. No longer is it usual for people to sit down and spend time gathering their thoughts on paper. We no longer spend our nightly hours sitting by candlelight in the quiet. Most of us spend our night sitting by the light of a TV, computer, or phone.

Journaling is a healing art. It is used as a means to bring mental clarity and peace. You can organize your thoughts and recount what you have learned. When your mind is filled with 1000 thoughts it gives you a place to sort those. When your heart is heavy you can pour it out on a page. When you have goals and dreams you can plan and document your journey. It is restorative as it slows you down and places you outside of what's going on around you. The pages are full of your history. Your memories and experiences can be documented for you and those after you.

This lost beauty is something I want to restore. I want to restore it in my life and hopefully inspire you to restore it in your life. Do not let this life blow by you. Slow down and recount your days. Record your own history on paper. One thing I have heard my Nana say many times, is that she wishes so badly that she would have written more things down. As the years pass your memory simply can not hold it all. One day you will thank yourself for tracking all the hills and valleys.

The art of journaling has been an area of great exploration for me. I have kept many pen and paper journals, adventured in the world of bullet journaling, and taken my attempt at travel journaling. It is a way to hold myself accountable and release all the creative thoughts that buzz around my mind. Keeping track of memories and stories through pictures and pages. Journaling is my unique story put on paper.

This digital journal will hold my experiences, thoughts, and ideas. Acting as a place to document my ventures and adventures. These posts will be windows into my passions and heart. I know who and I am and what I love will evolve over the years and so I hope this journal will grow with me.

You are invited into the pages of my journal. I want you to be apart of it as if it was written to you. I have told you a bit about what I think about journaling. I want to hear from you! Do you have a journal of your own? What do you like to keep in your journal? I would love to hear about what you think about the art of journaling in the comments below. Maybe you have never taken a try at it. There is no better time than now. Check out my Pinterest for ideas about journaling. I have been really into bullet journaling so you will see lots of those ideas over on my account. I look forward to reading what you have to say.

Sincerely with love,




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